The public WiFi,
a new advertising space

We offer state of the art advertising solutions to valorize the WiFi networks of private and public spaces.

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A data driven optimized

Easily reach your core audience with 10+ specific targeting criterias; show them advertisement videos or customizable opinion surveys.

Find data insights
All the data that flows through our infrastructure is crypted using end-to-end techniques. This allows you to access real-time charts and analysis of your campaign in the safest way there is.
Increase brand awareness
The user experience provided through our portal forces the user to interact with your ad at it's beginning and end. This guarantees maximun attention from the user in front of your ad campaign.
Encourage direct contact
Strenghten the bond with your prospect by redirecting them directly to your website or to their smartphone dialup.


An On-Demand Service

Installing Way-Connect in your space is 100% free. You will be able to acquire further functionnalities by applying to our modules subscriptions.

After your registration, you can choose to get 10% of all the revenue generated by the advertisement broadcasted on WiFi network OR a free additional module subscription.

Fidelity module - 50€/month
Use our customizable fidelity system that allows you to reward your customer based on the frequency of their visits.
Interactive menu module - 50€/month
Use the WiFi captive portal to share your menu with your clients and obtain new figures.
Internal claims module - 50€/month
Survey your customer base to identify your strengths and weaknesses or to share with them content related to your space.


Who Are We ?

Way-Connect is a french-tunisian company led by a team of young dynamic entrepreneurs; surrounded by brilliant engineers and developers expert in their field.

Way-Connect is a subsidiary of the corporate group El EZdihar, founded in 1974 it counts a total of 5 companies each leader in their respective sectors.

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A Quotation In Under 24h

We offer a 24/7 hotline assistance. Also we could get you in touch direclty with one ouf our engineers to answer your most specific questions.

Way-Connect SAS

145 Rue de Paris,

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